Mercedes Benz has changed tack and is in the process of reinventing itself.  A decade ago Mercedes Benz let the world know that it was interested in doing big numbers when it signed various agreements with Chrysler, Mitsubishi and Hyundai.  None of them came to any fruition and Daimler Benz, the parent company, which had become Daimler Chrysler simply became Daimler.  But its ambitions have not changed all that much.  The company is now in the solo mode but it still wants numbers.  One of the changes that it has initiated towards that is that it has taken on the task of designing relatively inexpensive front wheel drive cars in the A class and B class, cars that are supposed to be based in the MFA platforms.  Similarly, with engines also Mercedes has decided to go in for easier straight sixes and V8s and avoid too large capacity engines.  It is also well known that Mercedes is working on the Diesotto engine that combines the virtues of a diesel power plant with that of a petrol engine.  While the MFA cars are likely to be available from 2012 itself, the new engines will come in a few years later.  By that time, Mercedes Benz would have reinvented itself and  in the process possibly the automobile too.