The West loves India.  The talk of India gives it a break from its own woes and therefore India is a big pass time in the West.  Now that the Formula1 Circus is descending on India, the condescending write ups by media correspondents from the West have begun in all earnestness.  Some are telling their countrymen that there is so much filth on the streets that it is unbelievable.  Others have written that garbage lifters in India have been on strike since garbage is over flowing on the streets.  One even said he is surprised by how Indians are still alive since all they do while they drive is press the horn with one hand and carry their mobiles in the other and are constantly talking.  While there is truth behind these kind of jibes, it is distasteful to write about them in a jeering manner.  We are very sure that there are enough things about the West that we can jest about.  So it works both ways.  It is time they realize that strangers in India will receive them with more warmth than their own family members would. Meanwhile if you see any of these idiots or hear them saying stupid things about India just give them the middle finger.  There would be nothing wrong with that.