Paul Bird Motorsport, headed by Paul Bird were fronting the factory effort of Kawasaki in World Superbikes till the end of this season.  However, PBM was fired by Kawasaki for not producing adequate results and also for controversies that involved smuggling of drugs and guns across the Italian border.  Paul Bird has been stung by Kawasaki’s dropping his team like a hot potato and now has switched his attention to the CRT category in MotoGP.  It is believed that Dorna has welcomed him and granted his effort a slot on the grid.  However, PBM is yet to decide on the engine-chassis combination for its CRT while Tom Sykes will in all probability be the rider.  This is early days yet and Dorna is struggling with the number of bikes on the MotoGP starting grid and thanks to the machinations of the Motorsport Manufacturers association (Honda mainly) the CRT category too is not flooded with entries even though Dorna is claiming that there will be eight CRTs.