The web space dealing with autos is anticipating the launch of the SEAT brand of cars in India by Volkswagen.  VW owns many brands such as Skoda (Czech Republic), Bugatti (France), Lamborghini (Italy), Audi (Germany) and SEAT (Spain).  SEAT originally was an acronym standing for Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo (Spanish Touring Car Company, in English) and had its first collaboration with Fiat which ended with a spat.  Volkswagen then picked up the brand and made it just SEAT (no acronym anymore) and positioned it as a youthful brand.  VW has deployed the SEAT Leon in World Touring Car Championship and won titles with it.  One of the notable SEAT Leon drivers in the series is Tiago Monteiro who was Narain Karthikeyan’s teammate at Jordan.

Websites are speculating that SEAT will come to India with its version of the VW UP! just as Skoda will bring the same car as the Citigo.  Everybody now knows that VW can’t wait to be king (meaning becoming World No.1 in sales) and since India loves small cars VW may bring three versions of the UP! and push sales.  Let us warn you that this is all firmly in the realm of conjecture and we don’t know if there is ANY truth in this whole thing at all.