Honda as a company always starts conservatively before going full steam.  The story of Honda Siel Cars is no different.  The mainstay of the company for over 10 years has been the City model in its three generations with a smattering of Accords and C-RVs thrown in.  Honda decided to enter the hatchback segment with the Jazz and unrealistic pricing almost killed the product before Honda sensibly cut the prices of the Jazz by a huge margin of Rs. 1.6 lakhs and this has revised the demand for the Jazz which now commands a waiting period of up to 4 months in some cities.  Similarly it has launched its mass market Brio with a competitive price and therefore the product seems to have found good acceptance with dealers in certain cities saying that there is a waiting period of up to 3 months.

Honda has two plants in India – the first in Noida and the other at Tapukara in Rajasthan.  Presently the Tapukara plant only manufactures parts and not full cars.  Now it is believed that Honda will consider using Tapukara for hiking manufacturing capacity if the sales of the Brio cross the 40,000 mark this fiscal.