Anyone who knows Formula1 knows that the team that calls itself Renault is actually not owned by Renault but by Genii capital which in turn is owned by Gerard Lopez.  Ever since Genii bought Renault there have been stories that ultimately the view of Genii Capital is to sell the team.  In a move that could confound all pundits who predicted that thing, Genii could actually end up buying into Group Lotus the car maker in Britain who is owned by Proton of Malaysia.  This year the Renault team is being sponsored by Lotus and goes by the name of Lotus Renault team while rival Tony Fernandes has the rights to the Team Lotus roundel and his cars are also powered by Renault engines and therefore he is Team Lotus Renault.

Hopefully this confusion will get sorted out for next year when the present Team Lotus will shift to being called Caterham Renault after Tony Fernandes has acquired the company called Caterham that still makes versions of the old Lotus7 cars.  Team Renault could then become Lotus and will be powered by Renault.  This is the way the story has to unfold according to all the involved parties.  But Formula1 is as much about politics as it is about racing.  This renaming will require the unanimous approval of all the teams and also needs at least 18 votes out of 26 in the World Motorsport Council.  Ring Master Bernie Ecclestone is working behind the scenes to make it happen.  We hope it does.  What is the point in having two Lotus Renault teams?