The first citizen of the country, the President of India, Ms. Pratibha Patil will soon be travelling on terra firma in a Mercedes Benz S600L Pullman limousine.  As the name itself suggests the car is a stretched version of the already quite long S class.  The new car replaces the existing S Class which was commissioned for the President’s use during the tenure of Shri. A P J Abdul Kalam as President.  Apart from ultra luxurious interiors the new car will have all the other necessities such as being bullet and bomb proof.  The Prime Minister of India uses rival BMW’s 7 series car which also has all the luxury and safety features but with the absence of a stretch.  India’s top leaders ride in German cars, something that many heads of State and Govt do in many countries the world over.

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Picture is for illustrative purposes and not the actual car that the President of India will be using.