Lewis Hamilton has been under fire this year for erratic driving and his chief antagonist has been Felipe Massa who has all but called him brainless.  That is rather sad since Massa is not half the driver that Hamilton is.  There are very few fans of Hamilton here at Riot Engine, but even those who are not will agree that he is a racer in the true sense of the term and that he has fistfuls of talent.  Hamilton has now showed another side to his personality; fairness.  He has not complained whined about Michael Schumacher’s driving at Monza and now he has taken a step forward by accepting that his teammate Jenson Button has been doing a better job than he has been doing.  Bravo Lewis, that is the spirit.  We are sure Hamilton will be a threat at every race from now on.  We also hope McLaren gives him a car next year to compete on equal terms with Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing.