Volkswagen and Suzuki have been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons.  Osamu Suzuki went on record to say that he was no longer interested in the alliance with VW that saw VW purchase 19.9% percent stake in Suzuki while Suzuki purchased 1.6% stake in VW.  Suzuki now wants out of this alliance and explore engine sourcing from Fiat and Osamu Suzuki has said that he wants VW’s share in Suzuki back and that he will sell back his share in VW.  However, VW has queered the equation by saying that VW will not sell back the shares that it holds to Suzuki.  As per the alliance agreement between the two companies, VW cannot purchase shares in the open market as long as it holds on to the shares that Suzuki has given them.  There are some reports emanating from Der Spiegel in Germany that it has on record a VW executive telling them that VW could sell back the shares to Suzuki and then begin a process of hostile take over by buying shares from the market.  This report could be just mischievousness on part of Der Spiegel or it could also be VW’s intent as it wants to become No.1 and soon.