is carrying pictures of a version of the Sumo Grande without the name Sumo prefixing the Grande.  Tata vehicles due to their space and pricing are gobbled up by taxi and tour operators and this seems to deter individual buyers from picking these up for personal use.  Tata vehicles have been seeing dwindling sales across all models thanks to newer competition entering each segment.  The Indigo Manza category has seen the launch of the Vento from Volkswagen and more recently the Toyota Etios sedan and in the very near future the Nissan Sunny too will come into the space.  The important thing is that all of them have diesel engines, a trump card that Tata had almost exclusively in the past.  The same is true of the Indica Vista segment with launches like the VW Polo, Nissan Micra, Toyota Etios Liva and all of them again with diesel engine options.  Tata therefore has been trying to market their vehicles by dropping the Indica, Indigo prefixes (but the cars still carry those names in smaller size on the vehicles) and now the Grande (the word Sumo does not appear at all or is this a one off?)

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