Casey Stoner who seems to running away with the points in the MotoGP world championship this year finds himself in a peculiar position.  In two separate interviews Daniel Pedrosa and Valentino Rossi said things about him which would put the man in a strange position.  Rossi continues to blame Stoner for Ducati’s woes by saying winning three races out of eighteen is no indication of Stoner’s skills to develop a motorcycle.  He feels it is now up to him to make up for that.  On the other hand Dani Pedrosa has shown no remorse in overtaking Stoner for second position at Misano.  His overtake on Stoner closed the gap between Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo by a further five points and so instead of leading Lorenzo by 39 points, Stoner finds himself leading by 34 points thanks to Dani Pedrosa.  Pedrosa has said that he rides for himself and that he is not bothered if Lorenzo or Stoner wins the world championship.  He said he will be happy if Lorenzo wins since the man is his compatriot and that he will also be happy if Stoner wins because Stoner would have won on a bike that he, Pedrosa, had developed.  Poor Stoner.  He seems to have some loss even when he wins.