Paolo Flammini who along with Maurizio Flammini controls the World Superbikes championship has told the press categorically that the taking over of Infront group by venture capital firm Bridgepoint does not alter anything as far as World Superbikes is concerned.  Bridgepoint are also owners of Dorna who are in charge of the MotoGP series. With MotoGP going ahead with its plan to accommodate CRT teams in order to boost up numbers on the grid and since the CRT teams can use a modified production engine of up to 1000cc, the Flammini brothers had threatened legal action against Dorna and its chief Carmelo Ezpeleta.  The FIM President Vito Ippolito had categorically stated that there is no infringement of rules by Dorna since the CRT teams had to get a custom chassis to fit the production based engine in.  The news of the take over has been interpreted by some in the press corp as a pointer towards a merger of both the series.  Paolo Flammini has clarified that no such thing will happen and that both series will run as they are.  He also said that he and his brother will continue to be in charge of World Superbikes even under Bridgepoint.  When asked about his objection to CRT machines, he said that he is in talks with Dorna and hopes that the matter will be resolved soon.  The pundits among the press are saying that this is the ideal opportunity for Superbikes to return to pure production bike based racing, which is something that it has not been for sometime. The bikes on the WSKB grid are known to produce almost as much power as the MotoGP bikes and even reach the same kind of velocities.  The proponents of this argument say that MotoGP should concentrate on prototype racing only and superbikes on production machinery.  All will be revealed in the next month or two.