Bajaj Auto has relaunched the Boxer brand of motorcycles, the first of which is being called the Boxer BM150.  This will be the third motorcycle from Bajaj in the 150cc space the other two being the Pulsar 150 and the Discover 150.  The Boxer is positioned below both the Pulsar and the Discover and is being called SUV on two wheels.  It is aimed mainly at the semi urban and rural markets where load lugging by two wheelers is required. The engine puts out 12 PS power. In this space is already the TVS Max 4R which features four rear shock absorbers and a detachable rear seat.  Now that the Chetak does not exist and since there are no real rugged geared scooters to take its place (unless LML does a bare bones version of its Vespa derived 150 cc scooter and launches it across the country) it is now up to motorcycles to try and fill in the gap that exists in the space that was once occupied by the Chetak.  That is where TVS and Bajaj are aiming to fill with the Boxer and the Max4R.

Picture courtesy: Autocar