Claudio Castiglioni the man who created the Cagiva brand (it stood for Castiglioni, Giovanni- father of Claudio, Varese-the name of the place where they came from) and also held Ducati for sometime before taking control of MV Augusta has died recently.  We are sorry that we could not bring this news earlier.  Castiglioni sold MV Augusta to Harley Davidson who during the recent recession sold it back to him.  Castilglioni has an Indian connection.  For sometime he was in discussion with the now defunct Kinetic Engineering for manufacture of 125cc Cagiva machines.  Most recently however, he created waves by gifting an MV Augusta Brutale to Indian actor Saif Ali Khan, whose style Castiglioni liked enough to give him such an expensive gift.  The best part is that he did not even know who Saif Ali Khan was.  Rest in Peace Claudio.  Your efforts on and off the race track will not be forgotten.  His race achievements are considerable having built Cagiva 500s that had the power to beat the Hondas and the Yamahas and the Suzukis of that time.  Eddie Lawson rode the bike to some victories.  Other notable Cagiva riders were Doug Chandler, John Kocinski and Alex Barros.