The X6 from BMW shook the automotive world up when it was launched.  It was a zany combination of an SUV and a coupe and logic would have dictated that the combination would have rendered both the SUV and the coupe meaningless.  But that was not to be.  Against all expectations the SUV went on to sell in big numbers in the process creating a new segment altogether.  Now the other Germans are trying to catch up.  Mercedes and Audi are both testing cars to take on the X6.  Audi’s effort is called the Q6 which has been found testing by and those images have been posted on When you see the picture you will not see the coupe like lining of the roof.  Instead it looks like an estate.  But see the doors and you will see that there is a small pillar separating the two and that means that the rear of the car is from another possibly the Q5.  Audi is cleverly disguising its Q6.  But it is only a matter of time when the actual Q6’s pictures too come out.

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