Yesterday was a very exciting day, since it was for the first time that the new Yamaha 1000cc MotoGP machine for next year was making its public debut and also because both the Honda RC213V (the official name for the 1000cc) and the Yamaha M1 (1000cc) were going to be ridden on the same track and on the same day.  Casey Stoner aboard the RC 213V finally went faster than Jorge Lorenzo did on the 1000cc Yamaha M1.  But these are early days yet and clearly a lot of development will happen over the next few months.  Equally interesting was the fact that the BMW powered Suter 1000cc MotoGP machine was two seconds quicker than it was last time by going only four seconds slower than the Honda as opposed to six seconds the last time out.  People believe that a rider better than Mika Kallio who was riding the Suter machine could easily knock of another second.  This is the first machine that is undergoing tests as a CRT machine.  FTR is supposed to be working on a Kawasaki powered CRT as well as an Aprilia powered CRT.

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Stoner and the Honda RC 213 V

Pedrosa and the Honda RC 213 V

Lorenzo’s 1000cc Yamaha M1

Spies on the 1000cc Yamaha M1

Mika Kallio on the Suter BMW CRT machine