Fiat globally is known for its robust small and medium size cars and also for its diesel engine technology.  In fact in India, most of the small and medium cars from various manufacturers use the 1.3 litre Multijet diesel engine from Fiat.  This engine does duty in the Vista and Manza cars from Tata, the Swift, the Dzire and the SX4 from Maruti and now a smaller version with one cylinder knocked off in the Chevrolet Beat.  This apart from the Punto and the Linea from Fiat’s own stables.  However, Fiat has not been able to sell cars in India the way it does internationally despite it offering cars that are solidly built, have the latest technology and are easy to operate.  In order to create more awareness among people in India about what Fiat is and what it stands for, Fiat has decided to open Fiat Cafes in collaboration with Coffee pub Lavazza.  In the Fiat-Lavazza Cafes one can have Italian pasta, Cappuccino while watching videos of the history and glory of Fiat as a company and its various successful cars.  Fiat will be putting its cars for display for good measure.  Fiat deserves to succeed in India. We hope that this initiative can turn their fortune around.