More pictures of the sub Santro Hyundai HA (800cc) car have sprung up on the net.  Hyundai has high hopes resting on this car and is hoping to take away some of the stupendous sales that the Maruti Alto is experiencing.  The Tata Nano which was seen as a threat to the Alto came a cropper with inconsistent performance in the market.  Hyundai has a better track record than Tata so the new car could pose a threat to the Alto.  But Maruti is bracing for the attack and to counter all forms of attack it has evolved its own strategy of working on a new Maruti 800cc.  Obviously when someone sells as many cars per month as Maruti does with the Alto, other players are bound to want a piece of that pie.  But Maruti is the original small car king and therefore is bound have a few aces up its sleeve to repel the advances of the competition.

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