After an independent agency ARPA conducted tests at the Motegi circuit to test the levels of radiation and came out with the results that suggest that it is safe for MotoGP to go to Motegi, the FIM has given the all clear for racing there.  Jorge Lorenzo and Casey Stoner have been saying that they will refuse to go to Motegi if the race is held because they fear a threat of radiation.  The Motegi circuit is about a 130 kms from the Fukushima reactor that suffered a melt down after the tsunami and earthquake that hit Japan in March leading to the postponement of the race from its original April date to October.  However even the food samples have been found to be safe by ARPA and said that they comply to the regulations laid down by EU.  However it is still believed that Lorenzo and Stoner are trying to organize a revolt against going to Motegi.  This is surprising because studies have shown that the radiation levels at Motegi are lower than what would be if a rider was subjected to an MRI and most riders after a fall routinely undergo MRIs on a regular basis. No wonder then that Stoner is called a fast rider with no brains while Lorenzo is likened to a bull dog for his tenacity.  Lorenzo only has the tenacity of the bull dog and does not have any of the good qualities that the said animal has.  This makes everything he says and does akin to a whole load of bull s***.  Interesting times for MotoGP especially given the fact that the Chief of FIM, Vito Ippolito has said that he will travel to Japan with his son for the Motegi race.