It rained today during the Formula1 Hungarian GP, only the second time since the inception of the event more than two and half decades ago.  The last time it rained was in 2006 and at that time Jenson Button driving a Honda GP car won his first ever F1 GP.  Now five years later it rained again and yet again Jenson Button clinched victory in a race that saw fortunes of several people, mainly Lewis Hamilton’s, go topsy turvy.  Sebastian Vettel in the Red Bull Racing got of to a good start but slid around in the tricky wet conditions to hand the lead to the McLaren of Lewis Hamilton who seemed set for a victory before misfortune hit him in the form of a spin, bad tyre strategy and a drive through penalty.  All this dropped him to fourth way behind the leading trio of Jenson Button, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso.  Jenson Button in the McLaren Mercedes comfortably held of Sebastian Vettel who in turn did the same to the Ferrari of Alonso.  Mark Webber in the second Red Bull car finished in fifth place after being overtaken by Lewis Hamilton who went into the pits six times including a drive through penalty that he incurred.  Felipe Massa finished sixth and Force India’s Paul Di Resta finished in a creditable seventh position.