God knows what romance Honda has for us Indians.  We prefer to buy their bikes in droves.  It all has something to do with the Hero Honda CD 100 the fill it, shut it, forget it bike.  The Honda brand carries a very strong image even when Honda went solo.  The Honda CB Shine dominates the 125cc segment.  The Unicorn though not dominating like the Shine still has a strong brand value and now it emerges that if you want a Unicorn you have to wait for six months, that is just 3 months less than the waiting that you have for the Honda bestselling scooter the Activa for which you wait 9 months.  Don’t you think that is a funny coincidence?  The gestation for a human baby takes that much time.  So if you are buying an Activa you plan it just like you would for your baby.  That is not yet with the Unicorn though, but who knows with growing demand and limited production capacity, you may also have to plan a Unicorn.