Last year Mahindra launched the 110cc Stallio motorcycle with great fanfare along with the 300cc Mojo motorcycle and even signed on Amir Khan as its brand ambassador.  In the very competitive motorcycle market the Stallio sank and this was attributed to a faulty gear box.  Within a few months Mahindra withdrew the Stallio from the market.  The Mojo which was to be launched in the December of 2010 was never launched.  The grape vine only said that Mahindra were in the process of ironing out all the glitches on the Mojo along with those on the Stallio.  The responsibility for developing both these motorcycles was given to Engines Engineering of Italy that Mahindra bought out.  Engines Engineering is the firm that is making the 125cc racing motorcycles for Team Mahindra and prior to that had done so for Lambretta and Chinese company Loncin.  Now there is talk of the Stallio being relaunched during the festive season and that two more motorcycles having 135cc and 155cc engines are also in the process of development.  However, there is no news of any kind on the 300cc Mojo whose price was also announced.  Has Mahindra developed cold feet due to the launch of the Ninja 250R and the CBR 250R?  If that is the case then we would like to tell Mahindra to be brave and go ahead with the launch of the Mojo.  It is only by competing against the best that one gets better.