It seems as if all cities in India want to host Formula1 races.  First there was talk about Goa developing a theme park in which an F1 standards circuit would be built.  Now the internet is seeing reports of Maharashtra Road Development Corporation wanting to build a theme park with an F1 circuit as an integral part.  Let us remember that the first race at the Buddh(a) International Circuit has not even been held.  But if these circuits are really going to be conducted it can only be good news because they can start hosting races for the Polo Cup and the FMSCI can look at taking other forms of open wheel racing and two wheeler racing to these circuits.  Apart from the Buddh(a) circuit the only other circuits are the ones at Sriperumbudur and Coimbatore.  India does need more circuits in order to make road racing a popular sport and also to develop talent that participate at the world level.