The PSA group of France manufacturer of Peugeot and Citroen cars have decided to come back to India after its failed joint venture with Premier Automobiles Ltd.  This time around like their compatriot Renault, the company has decided to come on its own steam.  For sometime now the company has been scouting for locations to set up its manufacturing plant with Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh having been shortlisted.  The PSA group had announced that they would wait for the elections in Tamil Nadu to be over and a new government installed before taking a decision and that was a dead give away of their interest in Tamil Nadu.  Now that a new government is in place, it appears that things have gone to the satisfaction of the PSA group and they have decided to set up their plant at Sriperambudur where there are several others such as Hyundai, Ford, BMW, Daimler India, Renault-Nissan, HM and Mahindra.  This is yet another instance of Andhra Pradesh losing out on getting an automobile factory.  Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India evinced interest only to go to Karnataka and at one time BMW showed interest only to go to Chennai.  Volkswagen was involved in a scam and went to Maharashtra.  Only Royal Enfield seems to have set up a plant apart from the old Allwyn Nissan plant which was taken over by Mahindra.