The Toyota Fortuner, built on the same IMV platform as the Innova has been introduced in the Indian car bazaar rather late.  Toyota believed that the Innova was the product for India and that it had to sell at least 4,500 units every month, a target that it has reached by and large.  In order that the Innova market not be cannibalized, Toyota delayed the entry of the Fortuner which is an SUV unlike the Innova which is an MPV, and launched only in 2009 to find that there was a pent up demand for the product.  Toyota has had to stop bookings of the Fortuner twice in order to clear the ever mounting backlog.  Thailand and Indonesia which saw the introduction of the Fortuner a few years before India will soon be getting a facelifted version of the Fortuner soon.  We are however not very sure of when this version will be introduced in India.

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