After years and years of making people movers Toyota gingerly took some baby steps into the mainstream car market with the Toyota Corolla Altis and the Camry.  However it now appears that Toyota has come to grips with the aspirations and desires of the Indian car buyer who has a notorious reputation for not parting with money very easily.  Toyota first launched the Etios Sedan as the entry into the volumes market and has now topped that by launching the hatchback Etios Liva in the price band of Rs. 3.99 lakhs to Rs. 5.99 lakhs.  Right now like the sedan the hatchback Liva will only be available with petrol engines only.  However unlike Honda, Toyota makes diesel engines as well and very good ones at that.  Towards the end of the year both the Etios and the Liva will find themselves with diesel engine options as well.  The giant has flexed its muscle.  Time for competition to sweat and time for the consumer to plan ahead since affordable Toyotas are finally here.