In the last couple of days it has come out that Ducati will be using the chassis of next year’s GP 12 bike with the 800cc engine of this year’s GP11 bike.  For sometime now Valentino Rossi has been expressing unhappiness over the handling of the GP11 but has expressed satisfaction at the way the GP12 handles.  It now turns out that Ducati will mate the 800cc engine to the new chassis.  The Spanish press which is firmly behind Jorge Lorenzo has cried foul over this stating that this is bending of rules and that Rossi has been testing a GP11 on track when he was supposedly testing next year’s bike.  MotoGP rules have allowed for limited testing of next year’s bike while testing of this year’s motorcycle is strictly prohibited.  The FIM has clarified that the testing went under its supervision and that Ducati did not break any rules.  The Italian press has pointed out that the mounting points of the 800cc engine for next year’s bike are different from those of the 1000cc engine and that Ducati is actually taking risk in trying something like this out, since it will only be in the FP and race of this weekend’s Assen GP that the new combo will have turned a wheel.  The Italian press has mocked the “stupidity” of the Spanish press.