Honda Siel Cars has cut the cost of its best seller model in India, the City, by Rs. 66,000/-.  The car is also available on discounts with dealers.  Thus far, Honda has not ever given discounts and stubbornly adhered to pricing its vehicles in the stratosphere.  The Accord which was once the best selling car in its segment has been trounced by rivals such as the Skoda Superb and now the Volkswagen Passat.  The Jazz has never taken of due to its high pricing and sells in meagre numbers every month.  The Civic has been beaten by the Toyota Corolla Altis and the Skoda Laura.  The City for the last couple of months has been beaten at the market place by the Volkswagen Vento.  What is hurting Honda is not just its high pricing of cars but the lack of a diesel engine.  In all its years in India, Honda has done very little to develop cars with diesel engines.  Now to arrest the trend of losing numbers for its best seller, Honda has slashed the price by the afore said amount.  Honda claims that this is due to the localization of components, but everyone knows what the real story is.