The production of Audi’s BMW X1 challenger, the Q3 is go in Europe.  The car is now being produced in Spain.  BMW’s X1 has done surprisingly well in the Indian market, though for its price (and sometimes for less) there have been other vehicles that have offered more space, power and value.  Audi has taken note of the success of the X1 and will be bringing in the new Q3 the smallest in the Q series to India.  BMW has the X1, X3 and the X5 and Audi’s challengers to the same are the Q3, Q5 and Q7.  The latter two are already on sale in India and therefore it is logical to assume that the Q3 will eventually make it to India. The Auto Expo in Jan, 2012 is likely to the scene of the launch.  The Q3 like the Q5 lacks in the street presence the locomotive like Q7 has but the Q5 sells quite well and so should the Q3.

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