In spite of being reinstated on the F1 calender for this year, there are now murmurs within the F1 circles that it may not be a good idea to go to the troubled principality this year with reports emanating from the kingdom that protesters seeking democracy are still being killed there.  Even Bernie Ecclestone has taken a step back and is now suggesting that instead of postponing the Indian GP, it would be better to run it on its allotted dates and schedule Bahrain for December and go there only if it was viable.  Meanwhile Max Mosley the former FIA President has said that F1 going to Bahrain this year will be a big mistake. Present President of the FIA, Jean Todt says that the situation will be monitored closely and that no decision is as yet final.  He also says that next year there would only be 20 races even though the provisional calender shows 21 races.  Todt says he is not sure as to which race will go.  If Bahrain is not in a position to host a race at the end of the year one can safely conclude that it will not be in a position to do so next year as well.  That means it could get the axe and Istanbul a reprieve, for it is now widely believed that the Turkish GP could lose its place due to lack of attendance.  Bernie Ecclestone is a wily old man and has kept the race there is a back up in case any other race like Bahrain or the GP of America do not take place.  It helps that he owns the Istanbul circuit.