Ford has revealed the engines for its upcoming Ford Fiesta, slated to be launched by July. One diesel and one petrol engine is being offered both displacing 1.5 litres. There is a difference in power figures however with petrol being able to generate around 108 BHP and the diesel around 90 BHP.

It should be noted that the Fiesta Classic (the older Fiesta) had a 1.6 litre petrol engine which developed around 102 BHP. Now, the reason for the newer smaller engine developing more power is due to dual variable valve timing incorporated into the new engine which means more power and efficiency. ARAI says 17 KMPL for the petrol and 23.5 KMPL for the diesel.

Even though it does look like Ford has got a winner in their hands, provided they price this car right, this announcement has come as a surprise to most of the people who were looking forward to the launch of the new Fiesta. All throughout, it was reported that the engines would be 1.6 litre petrol and diesel which are doing duty in this car elsewhere in the world. The 1.6 petrol with around 122 BHP was supposed to be a driver’s delight and we were looking forward to seeing this car in India, as this would take the game right up to the new Verna which has similar specs for its 1.6 petrol.

With the engine downsizing, Ford has decided to play it safe keeping in mind the spiralling petrol prices and has tried to hit the middle ground between performance and economy.

So as of now, the most powerful petrol sedan below the 10 lakh mark is the all new Hyundai Verna. And it doesn’t have much of a competition to look forward to!