All the chatter that surrounds the ultra low cost car from Bajaj suggests that it is unlikely to make the grade that Renault-Nissan would want it to.  It is for this reason that Rajiv Bajaj has been taking great pains to emphasize that nothing is lost in case Renault-Nissan refuse to pick up the product which is already running way behind schedule.  Bajaj has been saying that the platform for the ULC can be used for goods carriers as well and that Bajaj is in an advanced stage of development of the same.  Three wheeled platforms such as Ape from Piaggio and the Minidor from Force Motors have started spawning quadricycles such as the Ape Truk and the Force Trump.  Bajaj it is rumoured is in effect only developing a quadricycle out of the existing three wheeler platform that it has and that could be the reason why Renault-Nissan would not accept the ULC which is based on the quadricycle.  A quadricycle does not meet the requirements that go into the making of a proper car.  That is the reason why Tata does not lose any opportunity to emphasize that the Nano is a proper car and not a quadricycle.