Tata Motors which got into passenger car manufacturing tentatively with the Tata Sierra, the Tata Estate and the Tata Sumo, jumped into the mass market with the launch of the Tata Indica in the year 1999 and followed this with the booted version called the Indigo.  The Indigo was one of the cheapest sedans in India that offered the usual Tata USP which is acres of space.  Tata kept the consumer interest in the Indigo alive by stretching the car and calling it the XL and then shortening it to less than 4 metres and calling the CS or Compact Sedan.  Two years ago the Indigo built on the new Indica Vista platform became the Indigo Manza.  Tata has now sold over 4 lakh sedans or Indigos but its Indica range and the Indigo range have been hit in sales terms for the last couple of months, a situation that Tata will want to rectify immediately.