The Nano’s baptism by fire continues.  A spate of fires last year dented the image of the Nano so much that the number of Nanos sold dwindled to just about 500 units in November of 2010.  Some serious marketing effort on the part of Tata saw the numbers rise again and peaked in April, 2011 with over 10,000 Nanos sold.  The general slowdown in the car market in May affected the Nano as well and the numbers came down to over 6,000.  But it was still the highest selling Tata car for that month.  Now comes the news that a Nano went up in flames in Vadodara this time.  Tata had completed its investigation of the Nano and ruled out any design or engineering flaws as being the cause of the earlier fires.  The blame was laid on unauthorised fittings and in one case on a piece of paper left behind during the assembly process by mistake as the causes for the fires.  The new incident will yet again mean that Tata will not only have to do something about the Nano but also start building customer confidence all over again.