Formula1 team Virgin began its life as Manor GP which was headed by John Booth who is still the team Principal and by Wirth Research headed by Nick Wirth.  Nick Wirth believes that wind tunnels are the main reason why Formula1 is so expensive and has sworn by CFD or computational fluid dynamics which simply uses computers.  This low cost approach was that which facilitated the team coming into F1.  Even before the team made it on to the grid, Richard Branson the head honcho of the Virgin group of companies bought into the team impressed by its approach.  However, one and half a years later with the team not producing impressive results and with Russian car maker Marussia having bought into the team significantly things are about to change.  The first indication of this is the termination of Nick Wirth and Wirth Technologies and relying on the advice of Pat Symonds one of the two disgraced in the Singapore Gate scandal.  The team will now head into a wind tunnel.  But the name of the technical director who will replace Nick Wirth has not yet been announced.  Pat Symonds due to the strictures passed on him by the FIA can only play an advisory role till 2013.  We feel that this is a sad development for here was model which should have been imposed on all teams to bring down costs and to make F1 more viable.  But wisdom hardly ever triumphs and that much is well known.