is carrying a story of the possible introduction of the Suzuki Cervo (it was previously called the Cervo Mode) in India by October, 2011 or this coming festive season when sales are high.  The Cervo like most Suzuki small cars conforms to the kei jidosha regulations that restrict the width, length and engine capacity of the cars.  These regulations basically stipulate engines in the range of 650cc but allow for the addition of a turbocharger to increase power and fuel efficiency.  The Cervo is Japan therefore has a 650cc 54 bhp engine that delivers over 20 kmpl.  ICB is claiming that this car could either be positioned below the existing Alto or above it but below the A Star.  We are not sure if this will happen at all, since Maruti is supposed to be designing a small car here in India which will be below the Alto.  This car is supposed to carry the new two cylinder fuel efficient engine and take the competition to the Nano, not that the Nano is doing wonderfully in the market.  How many small cars does Maruti need?  From the appearance of things, many.