The FIA President Jean Todt is set to meet Formula1 representatives today to discuss the new engine formula.  Todt and the FIA has proposed 1600cc four cylinder turbo charged units as replacements for the present V8 units from 2013 onwards.  This was done to attract Volkswagen mainly and also to try and entice Honda and Toyota back into F1 as engine suppliers.  But that has not happened with the Japanese not saying anything and VW announcing a WRC programme from 2013 onwards.  Ferrari, Cosworth and Mercedes Benz have been opposing the Todt formula and now Ferrari says V6 turbo charged units can be considered but that too only from 2015 onwards.  Cosworth chief Mark Gallagher has said that reduction of cubic capacity and fitting turbo chargers did not necessarily mean reduction in pollution levels or in fuel consumption.  He feels that to switch to a new engine formula is an expensive affair that contradicts the cost cutting philosophy of the FIA.  Cosworth which supplies engines to the privateer teams believes that small teams will not have the capacity to pay more for engines since Cosworth will have to pass on the costs of development to its buyers.  Renault it is believed is interested in Todt’s formula but given the opposition from the others it is likely to not take a stand for the Todt formula in todays meeting.