It is well known that there are two Lotus Renault teams in Formula1 this year.  Tony Fernandes originally was granted the right to use the name Lotus Racing by Group Lotus which is owned by Malaysian car maker Proton.  It helped that Tony Fernandes is also a Malaysian.  But late last year the pitch queered with Group Lotus withdrawing the permission it gave to Fernandes.  Tony Fernandes then approached David Hunt the brother of former F1 driver James Hunt for buying the rights to the Team Lotus moniker.  Colin Chapman the founder of Lotus used the Team Lotus nomenclature for his F1 team and somehow the rights to this have landed in the Hunt family.  The fiery CEO of Group Lotus Dany Bahar has initiated legal proceedings against Tony Fernandes for breach of contract and use of the Team Lotus moniker.  Group Lotus became a sponsor of the Renault Team and the team is now called Lotus Renault.  Bahar has said that in the long run, Lotus will take over the Renault team which is now owned by the Genii group and therefore does not want to have another Lotus Team on the F1 grid.Today there will be a judgement on whether Tony Fernandes can use the name Team Lotus or not.  Fernandes is a shrewd businessman and already has a plan B in case the verdict goes against him.  He bought out specialist car maker Caterham, which makes a version of the famed Lotus7.  Today should reveal all.