Thanks to Formula1 and the super rich of the country, Ferrari is a well known name in India.  One Sachin Tendulkar was even gifted a Ferrari by the Fiat Group while he was their brand ambassador.  Other than that the super rich in the country have imported Ferraris and there are numerous threads in various automobile forums that have pictures of the various models of Ferrari cars that some in India own.  Ferrari has now dropped anchor in the country officially with the Shreyans Group, who will be their importers and sellers.  Shreyans has inaugurated its first Ferrari dealership in the country on Jan Path in Delhi.  Prices start from Rs. 2.2 Crores onwards.  If you are in Delhi just walk around on Jan Path and catch a glimpse or two of whatever Ferrari there is in the show room.  That is the closest you will come to the car.  Of course, if you are super rich you can walk in, choose a Ferrari, plonk the dough and go home in that car.