In what appears to be an unending story the new engine formula that is due to kick in from the year 2013 onwards has now found opposition from the engine manufacturers in Formula1.  The new engine formula desires to have four cylinder 1.6 litre turbo charged engines.  This was a move designed to attract new manufacturers such as Volkswagen and re-entice Honda and Toyota back into F1.  However no such thing has happened and does not look like it will either.  The existing manufacturers are now saying that moving to this new engine formula will push up costs.  Cosworth has expressed apprehensions about losing customers if prices go up.  Mercedes Benz too believes that this may not be the best move.  Ferrari have been vociferously opposing the move to the new engine formula along with Bernie Ecclestone and the FOM.  Renault seems to be the only manufacturer still undecided.  Renault’s indecision may mean that it could even quit F1 by the end of next year.