Kimi Raikonnen was bought out of his Ferrari contract at the end of 2009 because the Italian team found the Finn inconsistent and also because they hastened the advent of Fernando Alonso to the team.  The phlegmatic Finn who is known to be very greedy went rallying with the Citroen Rally team to have a most unimpressive season in 2010.  He did not find a drive for this year in the WRC and has entered with a rented car in a team that is his own creation.  He has not been competing in all rounds of the WRC.  Raikonnen is now trying out NASCAR racing in the trucks category but says he is yet to make his mind up about what he wants to do in the future.  He says he is still open to an F1 comeback.  We suspect F1 has already forgotten Raikonnen and has moved on.