Adrian Newey’s genius always sees him pushing the limits of newer design concepts and there is no doubt that the man has been the main force behind Williams and McLaren in the 1990s and the early part of the first decade of this century.  Newey’s joining Red Bull Racing has changed the fortunes of the team and has made them world championship winners despite having a Renault engine that has huge power disadvantage over engines from Mercedes Benz, Ferrari and Cosworth.  This year the Red Bull cars have been in a league of their own thanks to the exhaust blown diffuser.  Red Bull has been using an ECU mapping which blows the exhaust at a constant speed even when the driver lessens his throttle inputs.  This design has since been copied by McLaren and now even Team Lotus.  However, the FIA has decided to ban the use of constant exhaust flow even when the driver has lifted off the throttle.  A grace period has been given to the teams that are using this system and so they can use it this weekend at Barcelona, the venue for the Spanish GP.  The motivation behind this ban is not yet known clearly, though there have been accusations that McLaren is behind it, something that McLaren has denied.