Tata Motors has a lot standing on the success of the little Nano, which has garnered attention not just in India but abroad as well.  Touted as the world’s cheapest car and also as a solution to problems in the urban space the world over, the Nano needs to succeed if Tata is to gain a good reputation in all markets, anywhere in the world.  However, the story of the Nano did not have a fairy tale beginning thanks to the agitation for land led by the soon to be Chief Minister of West Bengal Ms. Mamata Banerjee which forced Tata to leave Singur in Bengal in the East and go to Sanand in Gujarat in the West.  The transition was painful and delayed the launch of the vehicle properly leading to waning customer interest. Negative publicity around the product and few fires in brand new Nanos lead to customers shying away from the Nano.  However, many automobile magazines have tested the Nano over long and tortuous distances and have given a thumbs up to the car.  Tata  in order to restore customer confidence in the Nano had organized a super drive in the past, where the car travelled long distances and stopped at various points on the way telling customers along the way, what the car was all about.  Tata Motors’ efforts have seen a small upswing in the Nano’s fortunes but more is required.  Tata seems to know this and therefore have decided to do the super drive again.  The super drive 2 as it is being called now will see the Nano circumnavigating around India.  The drive was flagged off at Mumbai and will culminate at Rajkot after 28 days and having touched 60 cities and towns along the way.  A dozen Nanos are involved in the super drive.