If there is one person in the MotoGP paddock is more unpopular than Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo, it has got to be Alberto Puig.  Universally disliked by riders and fans, Puig holds a lot of power in MotoGP due to his proximity to Repsol and Honda.  He also controls Dani Pedrosa’s life.  Dani Pedrosa is considered to be a nice person under the influence of a control freak called Alberto Puig who is without any humour.  After the incident on track at Le Mans involving Marco Simoncelli and Daniel Pedrosa, Puig called Simoncelli a moron.  He also said that Simoncelli does not know what he is doing.  Pedrosa bemoaned his bad luck that has dogged him for sometime now and Valentino Rossi a friend of Simoncelli, felt that Simoncelli’s move was a bit hard and did lead to Pedrosa’s crash that saw him break his right clavicle.  Rossi expressed sympathy for Pedrosa.