Lets face it Casey Stoner maybe a genius when it comes to racing but he is hardly a likeable person.  Testimony to this borne out by legions of Stoner hating MotoGP fans who applaud every mistake he makes and dance gleefully when he crashes.  The Australian follows in the footsteps of Mick Doohan who also was never a darling of the fans in spite of his considerable accomplishments.  Mick Doohan could not bear being beaten by his team mate Alex Criville whose presence on the Honda NSR500 brought the Repsol sponsorship after Rothmans terminated their MotoGP sponsorship and that of the factory Hondas in order to sponsor the Williams Formula1 team.  Mick Doohan unable to bear being beaten by Criville once brought the Spaniard down while both were dicing for first position.  Stoner too has the same dirty Australian grit that one sees even in cricket in the form of sledging and it now appears that as he grows older and more desperate for another world championship he is finding it more difficult to tolerate other riders.  His barbs at Valentino Rossi when the latter went to apologize after causing an accident and his pursuance of the idea that the whole MotoGP paddock is only for Rossi on several occasions through out this season points to a person who is probably disliked for good reason.  This is of course not to exonerate Rossi of his wrong doings and megalomania on occasions.  But in the free practice before the Le Mans race when Casey Stoner tried to hit a slowing down Randy De Puniet  and this is probably the nadir of Stoner’s increasingly swollen headed behaviour.  He was fined by race direction for his misdemeanour and rightly so.  The post Le Mans race podium celebrations hardly looked like celebrations with all three riders ignoring each other and Rossi making it a point to congratulate only Andrea Dovizioso and not Stoner.  As it is MotoGP is a farce with seventeen riders and points for fifteen of those guaranteed.  It does not require this Australian gladiatorial rubbish to drive fans away further.  Stoner with this swollen head is top heavy and if he is not careful he could just topple.