Renowned utility vehicle manufacturer, Mahindra has a collaboration with the Navistar International for the manufacture of trucks and buses.  Trucks from the joint venture company have been launched a few months ago and have apparently been well received by the market.  Mahindra Navistar has now decided to move into the bus space as well, since the bus industry has been growing steadily due to improvements in the road infrastructure over the past decade or so.  Volvo has been the game changer in the game changer with its B7R/9400 buses and Mercedes Benz has also recently joined the fray with their ultra modern buses.  Tata has launched competition to Volvo and Mercedes Benz buses in the form of the Hispano Divo model range.  Mahindra does not want to be left out and has decided to offer bus chassis with cowl so that bus buyers can get a body of their choice built upon the chassis.  Mahindra Navistar has not yet decided on selling factory built bus bodies.