Hyundai’s new movement called “Fluidic Sculpture” has resulted in aesthetically pleasing cars.  It all started with the New Sonata which put this design language to good use and has percolated to the new Verna as well.  In India even the i10 has seen the front of the car use the new design language in the form of an upgrade.  Hyundai had recently unveiled the estate version of a new car the i40 and now at the Barcelona Motor Show, Hyundai has revealed the sedan version of the same. The car looks gorgeous and some say that in India it will slot into the position that was supposed to be taken by the Elantra which bombed in the market here.  That is pure speculation and there is no specific reason to believe that this car is headed for India.  The Sonata which is also called i45 is only marginally bigger than the i40 so Hyundai may have to decide between the two.  But Hyundai is known to have confounded market analysts, so maybe bothcome to India.  Now this is greed, but we don’t mind being greedy.