We again bring in Burn Your Fuel.com for this piece of news as well.  Once again Burn Your Fuel has credited Car India for a picture of the (supposed) Skoda Rapid on the assembly line inside the factory.  The car does look like a Skoda and has a body style of a three box sedan.  BYF has said that the face will be that of a Skoda while the rest of the body will be that of the Volkswagen Vento and even the engines will in probability be the same.  We have checked Car India.in for the pictures but we have not found them there.  Adding to the intrigue is BYF’s note on the photographs saying that if the owner of the photos wants them to be removed they will do so gladly.  So if you want to see this picture and the one of the Scout head straight to burnyourfuel.com pronto.