In season testing was banned from the year 2008 citing economic problems following the sub prime housing crisis in the USA and rising costs in Formula One.  Three years on the paranoid Max Mosley is out of the FIA presidency and Jean Todt believes that the time has come to lift the in season test ban.  Jean Todt believes that new drivers do not get time and opportunity to acclimatize with F1 cars and that is compromising the quality of racing. His old rival Bernie Ecclestone believes otherwise and wants the ban to stay.  The bigger teams believe that the lifting of the ban may not be good for smaller teams who do not have the financial power to escalate costs that come up due to testing.  Is this a ploy of Todt’s to bring Bernie to his knees in the battle for the engine formula?  Or is this Bernie’s ploy to bring Todt to his knees?  Fascinating.  Let us all watch.