The usually reliable Autocar India has posted what are perhaps the clearest pictures of an Ambassador car with a truncated boot to make it conform to the sub four metre small car rule!!!!Autocar also says that it will come with a 1500cc diesel engine which may be tuned for more power and to clear emission norms and so may actually feature a turbo charger. There are also other rumours of the Ambassador platform spawning a pick up (this is not on the Autocar India website).  However the most interesting bit is regarding the Kawasaki 650 which is due for launch in a few weeks time.  Autocar India has decided to use the European nomenclature of ER-6f rather than the Ninja 650R.  We believe that it will be called the Ninja 650R though it is the ER-6f.  Kawasaki has been using the Ninja moniker for better brand recognition. The Kawasaki Ninja 250 R also started life as the ZZR-250 and Kawasaki usually reserved the Ninja name for the ZX series of bikes.  However, starting with the 250, Kawasaki has been just using the Ninja name without either the ZX or ZZR labels.  Even the teaser on the Bajaj website says something about a Ninja bigger than the 250.  So why is Autocar India using this ER-6f label?  Is there something that they know which we don’t?  We don’t rule that out.